Our Mission

Hundreds of millions of patients suffer from poor mental health

Mental disorders are a leading cause of the global health-related burden with anxiety disorders and depression being the main contributors to this burden. The emergence of COVID-19 is further worsening mental health which corresponds to a huge unmet medical need.
Most therapeutic options available are decades old, have side effects and have limited efficacy.
The development of new therapies faces major hurdles including

  • Symptom-based disease classification (rather than biology-based)
  • Heterogenous patient populations (comorbidities, overlapping symptoms etc…)
  • Lack of innovative therapeutic approach (mostly neurotransmitter modulation)
  • Lack of translational/objective/quantitative readout resulting in poor translation from basic science to clinical efficacy

As a result, hundreds of millions of patients are left with unsatisfactory treatment option.
Karla Therapeutics is on a mission to improve the condition of people living with a neuropsychiatric condition. We leverage recent advances in the field of neuroimmunology to harness the immune system and create disruptive treatment options for brain disorders.